Your New Favorite Book Is One Shelf Away

Among our stacks you’ll find the book you were forced to read in high school, your next favorite video game, the out of print book your mom read to you as a child, quirky collectible items, the CD you will listen to  repeatedly on a cross country drive, and your next rainy day read.

Piedmont Books is a book store in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The Piedmont Books Story

We are a family owned and operated used media store offering over 50,000 gently-used books, movies, CDs, vinyl, albums, video games, comic books, and collectible items. We have a wide array of fluctuating inventory and comfy chairs. We pride ourselves on being community based, running an environmentally friendly store,  and our upbeat family and staff.  Knowledge not only lies on our shelves, but in the minds of the people who will be pleased to assist you. 

We’re proud to be your local hole in the wall bookstore in Winston-Salem since 2008. 

Piedmont Books is the Triad’s fastest growing media store. 

We are the only book store in Winston-Salem to guarantee a trade in on all items coming from us (with the exception of clearance products.) 

 Long before we were the hole in the wall bookstore on Reynolda Road that you’ve come to know and love, we were operating out of a basement like all good start ups. It started with one book, and escalated from there. Before we knew it, the basement was lined with bookshelves like an underground eclectic library and when our children weren’t borrowing the classics like Wuthering Heights from the sale pile, they were helping to cart around the books and pull them for online sales. At that time, many of them were in elementary school. In 2008, we moved to our storefront. Now that our children are grown, you’ll see them among the shelves as the family business continues to grow. You might even see an adorable grandson in the store somewhere. 

Piedmont Books - Your Local Family Owned Bookstore

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